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Why is ONE the platform of choice for so many leading distributors at MIP?

ITV Studios, Keshet and DRG are the latest distribution companies to join the ONE platform. Alongside the likes of AMC, A+E Networks, Banijay & Cineflix, they'll be providing easier access to their catalogues for buyers & enjoying a streamlined content buyer & meeting experience pre, during and post-market.

Developed and managed by a team of 50 people at Rawnet, ONE may be a fairly new player in the market but is backed by 15 years’ experience in the broadcast industry and a wealth of understanding about the challenges distributors face all year round.

Two years on from our initial investment, ONE is now the platform of choice for some of the world's largest distribution companies.

Adam Smith, Managing Director at Rawnet

ONE is comprised of a flexible website that seamlessly integrates into an iPad application,  housing a distributor’s full catalogue in a bespoke, user-friendly platform that’s simple for distributors to manage, and enjoyable for buyers to browse.

In 2016, we identified some major challenges that needed solving - marketing an sales teams requiring technical input to manage online content, not having a full understanding of buyer activity and loads of unnecessary stress around markets. ONE has solved these problems - and more - and allows sales and marketing people to excel in their roles, without having to worry about technology.

David Rhodes, Director at ONE

ONE was designed to help overcome some of the most common challenges seen in the industry, specifically around large content markets like MIP. So if you or your team have ever found yourselves frantically running around at markets cursing the wifi connection, struggling to make changes to your catalogue or spending your evenings doing meeting admin...read on!

Challenge 1 - Dodgy Palais Wifi

Palais wifi is notoriously unreliable, which is the last thing distributors need when trying to run meetings reliant on catalogue access and streaming. With ONE, the entire catalogue is available offline - both to browse and to watch videos. All activity is tracked and synced back to the reporting section of the website when next connected to the internet, ensuring all buyer activity is captured. Basically, with ONE there could be a power cut in the Palais and your team won’t be affected.


Challenge 2 - Last minute catalogue updates

Many distributors are getting their slate ready and making last-minute tweaks right up to the wire in the run-up to MIP, with many companies heavily relying on technical teams to make those changes.

ONE has a flexible & intuitive content management system which means anyone can easily and quickly make changes to their website and catalogue, with absolutely no technical knowledge. All changes to the website/catalogue sync to the app in real time, so no additional work is needed to update the team’s iPads.


Challenge 3 - Back to back meetings

Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges at MIP is keeping meetings on-track and efficient when faced with the infamous back-to-back 30-minute slots.

ONE’s Meeting Manager functionality allows sales teams to share lists of programmes with buyers pre-meeting, buyers can mark their likes/dislikes & add notes with all feedback syncing back into the meeting. The salesperson can also add pre-meeting notes and automate a follow up immediately after the meeting, getting rid of unnecessary admin.

This allows for more tailored, personal and efficient meetings at market, making the most of the small time slots and building trust with buyers.

David Rhodes Profile
David Rhodes