Welcome to the ONE Roadmap! We're always innovating, driving the platform forward & making sure our clients are using the best tech in the industry. We love hearing your ideas, so pop them in the form at the bottom of the page :)

Android & Mobile Applications

★ later

The app at the moment is iPad only, but we'll be creating Android & Mobile versions too.

CMS Editable Banners

✓ Completed

There's currently a small selection of images on the website that are hardcoded and need to be updated by the ONE team. We are updating these so they will be editable in the CMS - meaning you will be able to easily change them whenever you want without any reliance on us!

Related Titles Carousel

✓ Completed

A brand new block that gives buyers a better experience on your site and gives you an extra chance to get the right titles infront of them at the right time. Admins can switch related titles on for a programme and the vlock will show 3 - 4 programmes from the same genre, at random. And yes, it's customisable so you can change the random options to be specific titles related to that programme, enjoy!


Image Cropping Tool

✓ Completed

The image cropping tool is something we're really really excited about! It's going to completely change the way our clients add images - it includes templates so it's super clear where banners need to be cropped and the option to add different images for mobile.

Private Video Access

✓ Completed

 Admins - you know that permissions allows you to have total control over who sees what, but we extended that so you can share a video URL with an external user without having to worry about them getting access to the rest of the catalogue. It's password protected and you can add an expiry date for the URL for additional security.


Video Banners

✓ Completed

So, videos are pretty much at the crux of this industry and we wanted to give clients a new way to showcase them - that's where video banners came from. At the moment you can add static images to banners, but video banners (surprisingly enough!) means clients will be able to add videos...to their banners! This feature is currently only compatible with the Brightcove player.

Website Speed

✓ Completed

We're looking into new ways of improving the speed of the website - the site has to make a fair few complex calculations each time a page loads, so we're going to make these as efficient as possible and have already started increasing the server performance!

Enhanced Reporting!

✓ Completed

You can now see a quick snapshot of user & programme activity, in-depth user & programme insights, producer reports and more! Check out this article for more info on how everything works 

Share List Email

✓ Completed

We made a few tweaks to the list share email to improve the user experience - now when a list is shared, the email includes a link back to the whole list, not just the individual programmes that are in it.

Search Improvements

✓ Completed

Phase 1 of search is complete! We've rewritten the whole catalogue search, hugely increased accuracy for keyword & text searches, increased search speed at least 3X and while we were at it, made it so filters are fully reactive to results - ie users won't be shown options to filter that could return an empty set. Not bad for phase 1!

Email "From" Addresses

✓ Completed

You need to contact us if you want this one set up, but this feature means any list share or meeting follow up emails come from the individual user who's logged in, instead of the generic hello@clientname account! If you'd like this feature, contact us via support.thisisone.tv on our live chat.

Data Exports

✓ Completed

This one is dedicated to all those excel lovers out there - our reports are pretty extensive in the system, but it's always handy to be able to export it into a CSV and have a play around. You can now export all programme data to a CSV, hours (maybe even days) of fun!

Removing Data via Sync

✓ Completed

App syncs now also remove data - so if you remove a programme from your website, next time you sync the app it will be removed from there too!

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