Drive engagement through detailed insights & personalised discovery 

The first step to driving deeper buyer engagement is detailed understanding of buyers' activity. ONE's in-depth reporting allows you to explore top viewed genres & programmes, most active users, videos watched, liked, shared & more. Be empowered through insights.


See what buyers have been watching, when and how long for

Explore which videos individual buyers have been watching with ONE's "Videos Watched" report. See how long a video was viewed for, when and on what platform (iPad or desktop)

Videos watched


See which programme pages buyers have been visiting

The "Programme Pages Viewed" report gives a snapshot of buyer activity over individual programme pages. You can see how many times a page has been viewed in a given timeframe, how many minutes were spent on the pages, whether any videos were watched and if any assets were downloaded.

Programme pages watched


Personalised lists help buyers discover the right content

The Lists report allows you to see lists that individual users have created and which programmes are contained within the list. You can also explore lists that have been shared by users and whether the recipient liked any of the programmes within them.

Personalised lists

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