Connect the right buyer with the right content

Personalised content discovery makes connecting the right buyer to the right content simple.


Personalised lists help connect buyers with the right content

Lists allow sales & marketing teams to connect buyers with content in a more personal way. Use the reporting functionality to understand an individual buyer's activity, and tailor a list of programmes that's perfect for them. 

  • Create global lists for events like MIPCOM
  • Create individual lists to share with buyers
  • Track buyer engagement
  • Buyers can create and share lists
Personalised Lists


ONE provides in-depth reporting on buyer activity

Actionable buyer insights give distributors a deep understanding of their buyers' activity, which helps to create a more personalised and tailored sales strategy.

  • Videos watched & for how long
  • Programme pages viewed & actions taken on the page
  • Lists created & shared
  • Top viewed genres


Stay connected with your buyers through automation

ONE's meeting manager system means follow-up effortless. Easily add notes & screeners to a pre-set email during the meeting, then send to the buyer with the click of a button. 

  • Add screeners & notes to an email during a meeting
  • Track buyer engagement with the email post meeting
ONE automation

How do I get it, what’s involved?

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