What Do Buyers Want?

The report explores the broadcast buying cycle from discovery to decision making, including opinions from buyers, distributors and consultants, to give a holistic view of the industry.

What's Included?


  • Insights from leading industry figures, including:

    Ruth Berry, Managing Director at ITV Studios Global Entertainment

    Paul Heaney, CEO at TCB Media Rights

    Yives Reed, Director at Media Minds

    Steven Bayley, Content Program Coordinator at Global Eagle

    Sarah Baynes, CEO at The Creative Garden

    Adam Smith, Managing Director at Rawnet
  • Results from our buyers survey, with questions around market attendance, their views on tech and what their biggest challenges are
  • Predictions for the next year


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There’s usually a lull after markets with distributors. Things are rarely followed up and deals get dragged out until the next market - it would be good to keep a constant flow of information.

Steven Bayley, Content Program Coordinator at Global Eagle
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