With Reed Midem looking to move all outdoor stands into the Palais and task just one standbuilder with constructing the stands, distributors who previously relied on their standbuilders for their AV & screening solutions need to make sure they have the support & technology to hand to cater for the change.

How ONE can help

  • ONE is a flexible screening solution which allows distributors to showcase their catalogues in an engaging buyer friendly website & application
  • Tailored to work for any budget, from distribution powerhouses like ITV Studios to smaller, ambitious distributors such as Story Lab
  • Application houses your full catalogue, making all content available for sales teams anywhere at any time. All you need is your iPad and you're good to go
  • Screen videos offline, no need to rely on dodgy Palais wifi! 
  • Not just a market solution, whether you're launching new programmes or selling existing shows and formats, ONE has everything distributors need to connect the right buyers with the right content all year round through an immersive digital experience.
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